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Job Profile
Faculty Technical Studies (2 years)
Job Field Manufacturing & Production
Job Title Rotary Machine Technician
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Gender Male
Location Saudi Arabia
City Dammam
Salary 5000 SAR  / month
Transportation Paid  / month
Benefits Housing allowance, trasportation allowance, medical insurance,Annual flight tickets(single ) etc
Working hours From 07:00 To 04:00
Days off 2
Age From 25   To 40 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Fair
Computer Skills
Years of experience Min 5   Max 10 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Essential Duties and Responsibilities 1. Regular attendance is an essential function of this position. 2. Compliance with applicable Company policies concerning maintaining a non-smoking workplace is required. 3. Compliance with all Company policies is required, including adherence to Company ISO 9001 Standard and compliance with company Affirmative Action and Company Safety procedures. 4. In corporate the Standards of Excellence as outlined by TME(Pride, Desire, Teamwork, Attention to Detail, and Follow-through) into daily activities in order to create a Total Quality environment. 5. Be capable for reading the engineering drawings and criteria to verify the scopes of work. 6. Be capable for checking the balancing materials, parts, components and accessories. 7. Be capable for using the proper tools, jigs, fixtures and measuring instrument in assembling procedures. 8. Install the components and assemble the parts according to the required procedures. 9. Identify the non-conform parts or components if it is found during the process and response the issue to the QC for appraising and solution. 10. Check every components if it has been assembled properly. 11. Make the required records (i.e. QC form) to ensure the motor has been properly assembled. 12. Check the outlook and clean up the motor to get ready for test. 13. Manage all the remainder parts, tools, jigs, fixtures, device and instrument and return them the locations. 14. Execute the others which are dispatched in the worksheet or instructed by the supervisors 15. Possess with good mental and physical conditions. 16. Compliance with good language ability. 17. Other function as required (non-essential functions) Competencies: 1. Certified by AWS or the third party in ARC, TIG and MIG. 2. Certified with the overhead crane driver. 3. Be reliable and responsible operator. 4. Be available for rotating shift. 5. Familiar with the operation of all balancing machines such Abro, Schenck and CEMB. Education/Experience: 1. Graduated from senior high vocational school in ME or EE. 2. Minimum 2 years experience in the field (rotating electric apparatus) is preferable.
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