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ü Who are we ?

DEALS HR & Recruitment consultants was established in 2001, specialized in the Human Recourses field providing our services to Multi-national , International , Petroleum and large enterprises.


ü Mission:

Our mission is to be the preferred and trusted recruitment partner to both our clients and candidates. To achieve this, 

·         We provide professional & efficient recruitment solution to meet each client’s needs & requirements.

·         We provide a bridge for individuals to career opportunities to achieve their career goal.


ü Vision:

·         Our vision is to become the employers’ preferred Recruitment Agency of choice based on the extent and quality of our service.

·         To be the provider of choice for our client’s recruitment solutions.


ü Values


·         Our Values are simple and effective. In 2001, on starting the business, DEALS HR Recruitment wanted to create a professional Company which would focus on quality, honesty and professionalism. We do believe that we have achieved this and as our business continues to grow, we recognize that these simple but effective values allow us to stand out in the Recruitment agency crowd.

·         To create an environment where professionalism, friendliness, openness, honesty and mutual support flourish

·         To recruit, develop, train and retain people of high caliber and high potential

·         To have a style which allows people the maximum amount of self-expression and flexibility of operating to realize their full fee earning potential whilst working hard for each other in a teamwork environment

·         To continue to be a caring employer striving to provide a secure future in return for full commitment

·         For these and other reasons DEALS HR provides you with these activates:




ü Recruitment.


Our client data base now is more than 1500 companies working in Egypt and gulf area, we provide them  high caliber candidates through our professional staff doing screening , selecting & matching CV.s to fulfill their vacancies. 

ü Outsourcing and payroll service.


We provide also many companies by our Payroll and outsourcing service by preparing each month their payroll , and we are responsible for all matters of Contracts, Social insurance, Taxes & Salaries.


ü Team Building

Over the past several decades, management theory has evolved from the promotion of competitive work environments to the development of cooperative ones. As part of this evolution, businesses, especially small businesses, have put an ever-increasing emphasis on team building. Team building activities, whether they are five-minute games or week-long retreats, teach essential collaborative skills while helping employees develop trust in each other and each other's abilities.

·         Improve Productivity:

Very often the main goal of team building activities is to improve productivity. As employees learn to work together more effectively, they are able to do their work more efficiently. Less time has to be spent correcting errors and work can be divided according to team member abilities, reducing repetitive or overlapping work. Team building activities often give employees the opportunity to identify ways to improve processes, policies or procedures that have inhibited productivity.

·         Increase Motivation:

Team building activities can increase employee motivation in several ways. First, when employees succeed in team building activities, they become more confident, which boosts their motivation. Second, commitment to team building activities demonstrates that the business is willing to invest in their success. Third, employees are often more motivated when they gain trust in their fellow employees and feel confident that their work as a team will be recognized and appreciated.

·         Foster Problem Solving:

Team building activities typically involve introducing a problem that team members have to solve together. The problem solving skills that they practice in a simulation can transfer to into the workplace. Through the activities, team members gain the skills that let them identify barriers to accomplishing goals and come up with ways to overcome those barriers. Team building activities can give employees structured ways to solve problems together while making each aware of the resources that each team member brings to the workplace.

·         Encourage Creativity:

Team building activities take employees out of their usual environment and give them an out-of-the-ordinary task to perform. This environment often gives permission for employees to be more creative and to use their imagination to accomplish the tasks set before them. It also sends the message to employees that their creativity is welcome in the workplace. These creative problem-solving skills transfer back to the workplace once the activities are complete.


ü Employment fairs.


Since 2007 our desire to meet our customers' wishes we began to organize yearly employment fairs in different location to attract high calibers considering that human resources are the main investment for the success of any company.

ü Head hunting.


Our process of looking for a specific individual who has built a reputation for his skills in a specific industry to fill a position would be head hunting.



ü Contact Us :


DEALS HR& Recruitment Consultants
7, Dr, Ahmed Amin St.  Heliopolis – Cairo - Egypt
' +202  277 60 285

7 +2012 11 55 85 19

Working hours From Sun to Thu 9:00am till 5:00pm

 : hr@dealshr.com

8 : www.dealshr.com

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