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Job Profile
Faculty Any
Job Field Administration
Job Title Admin. and Facility Specialist
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested
Gender Female
Location Egypt
City Cairo
Residence 6 October City
Salary 12K-15K  / month
Transportation   / month
Benefits social , Medical insurance
Working hours From 10 To 6
Days off 2
Age From 0   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Excellent
Computer Skills Excellent Microsoft Office User
Years of experience Min 2   Max 4 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description
Objectives of this Role:
Assure covering all aspects of use of buildings, stewardship, operation, repair, and general administration associated with managing campus facilities.
Form strong communication with all the departments and stakeholders.
Ensure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly and can multi-task with ease.
Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:
Responsible for the day-to-day operations in the company.
Responsible for all the Facility Management tasks; Maintenance, Housekeeping & Pest control.
Coordinates with external providers and supervises them in all Facility Management tasks.
Work collaboratively with other departments to facilitate and solve their inquiries and critical issues.
Ensure having a daily clean, organized workspace.
Ensure meeting rooms are properly requisitioned ahead of schedule to ensure having a smoothly organized process.
Implement policies & procedures to include fire safety drills and having at least the minimum allowed certified employees.
Review & approve the selection and purchase of any office-related supplies stationery in coordination with the purchasing department.
Review & approve the selection and purchase of any kitchenette-related supplies in coordination with the purchasing department.
Support employees in having smooth transportation by the company’s bus.
Supervise maintenance and repair of facilities.
Supervise & coordinate the contractors who perform maintenance, renovations or direct services to the buildings, infrastructure, grounds, or equipment of campus facilities.
Assists in relocation of employees to new offices & movement of desks and belongings.
Assist in in-house events setup and set down.
Coordinating multiple projects to meet deadlines and project plan.
Create maintenance report to record the maintenance budget and have preventive & predictive maintenance.
Generate & present regular reports & reviews of facility-related budgets, finances, contracts & purchases.
Skills and Qualifications:
(2-4) years of experience in Admin & Facility Management
Bachelor's degree holder from any reputable university.
Excellent Microsoft Office User
Detail oriented person
Leadership & critical thinking skills
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
Fluent in English & Arabic
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