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Job Profile
Faculty Engineering
Job Field Construction Engineering
Job Title Chief Operating Officer
Employment Type Full Time
Rank Requested Managerial
Gender Male
Location Egypt
City Cairo
Residence Heliopolis
Salary Negotiable  / month
Transportation Paid  / month
Benefits Social insurance, Health Care, Bouns
Working hours From 9:00 To 5:00 pm
Days off 0
Age From 40   To 0 Year(s)
Spoken Languages Arabic -- Excellent
English -- Good
Computer Skills
Years of experience Min 20   Max 0 Year(s)
Car Any
Woman's Veild Any
Job Description Main responsibilities:
Operations Strategy:
As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, contribute to the development of the overall organization strategy through providing operational inputs and insights.
Establish the operations strategy that provides the direction for the short- and long-term division direction and supports the achievement of the overall organization strategy. Operations Planning:
Prepare the annual operations plan and oversee its execution through working with subordinates and ensuring that their departmental plans are incorporated into this.
Provide guidance and support to subordinates and the operations team so the operations plan is achieved. Operations Policies:
Contribute to the development of the operations policies and periodically revisit them to ensure that they reflect changes in the operations environment and support the achievement of work.
Monitor the implementation of operations policies.
Provide overall leadership to the Operations Division and cultivate a culture of collaboration and productivity.
Liaise with the HR to recruit, develop, appraise and motivate the division staff to achieve a competent and motivated team.
Project Management:
Oversee the achievement of project commitments through periodically monitoring projects progress and working with the Projects Director to mitigate project risks related to time, costs and quality.
Work with Projects Director to closely monitor key projects. Technical services:
Monitor and oversee the delivery of technical services to the projects team and provide support to the Technical Services Manager to make sure that conflicts between projects are eliminated and that technical and operational work are carried out efficiently.
Site Administration and Security:
Oversee the provision of administrative and security services to sites and provide support to the Site Administration and Security Manager towards achieving a secure site.
Quality Control and Health, Safety and Environment:
Oversee the implementation of quality and HSE standards within the Operations and support the QCHSE Manager towards achieving these.

Oversee the establishment and delivery of specialized work to projects and provide support to the Self-Execution Manager to ensure that efficient and cost optimized self-execution work is delivered to projects.

Operations Performance:
monitor the performance of the Operations Division through establishing a system of reporting that provides critical and meaningful information and supports fast and accurate decision making.

Education background:
Faculty/ College Arch/ Civil Engineering
Graduation year 1995 to 2004

Field and years of experience:
20+ years of experience
A construction Background is a must
Previous experience as operations/ projects director/ managing director
Strong Relationship management
Strong Strategic Thinking
Strong Leadership
Other Certifications: PRMG, PMP OR Diploma in project management
MBA is a plus

Company salary and benefits :
Social & Medical Coverage, 50% Family Medical, School Allowance, Car Allowance, Annual Bonus
Salary: open for discussion and negotiation according to the profile
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